Welcome to Granada!

009-granada hike

After four weeks in the UK, we travelled to Granada, Spain for the next leg of our fieldwork. Granada is hot (but not humid), rich with culture (but also modern), and stunning (full stop). Many of the shop owners and inhabitants of Granada still abide by the 2-4pm siesta time; all of the shops close up, and will reopen when the sun starts to go down. Wanted to avoid the sun (yay photosensitivity) when it was at it’s full force, I headed out before 8am.

First task of the day was to head up to a lookout point, to see the town, the Sierra Nevada, and the Alhambra. A Moorish Palace complex, the Alhambra is where the Moors made their last stand against the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. We have tickets see it next weekend, but it is an impressive complex that stands over the town, keeping watch.

Walking up to the lookout, the streets were empty (see top left photo). There were no tourists out, and the shops hadn’t opened yet. By the time I headed back down, it was packed full of people, cars, noises, and smells of a vibrant city. Amazing what a difference a few hours can make.

Back in the city centre, I checked out the Cathedral, an exhibit on the Spanish Inquisition (no, not at the same place), and wandered around the markets. I also grab a typical Spanish lunch, enjoyed some gelato, and eventually headed back when the sun was beating down on me, and my hiding places were minimal.

(PS- I’m not angry in that photo, the sun was in my eyes, and I’m no good with selfies.)


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