The Alhambra: Alcazaba

011 Alcazaba

Whenever I told people I was going to Granada, they immediately said I had to go to The Alhambra. It seemed obvious to me that I would go: it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enough said. And even though I had been told how beautiful and imposing it was, I don’t think I was really ready.¬†Walking around the complex, I found myself more and more amazed with the structure, the beauty, the preservation, and¬†the architecture. It’s not the type of thing you do ‘when you’re in Granada’- it’s the reason you come to Granada.

There were so many photos from this visit, that I had to split it into the three main sections of The Alhambra. The first, is the Alcazaba, a word that means both ‘home’ and ‘fortress’. It’s clear why, the walls are imposing, massive, and thick. It is built on a naturally fortified area, which, in the last, would have offered protection, and today, offers great views of the rest of Granada.


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