The Alhambra: The Nasrid Palaces

012 Palacios Nazaries

The Nasrid Palaces aren’t just buildings, but artwork. Each room in the palace is covered in intricate carvings, mosaics, and tiles. Every surface seems to be decorated, including the floors, walls, arches, ceilings, even door knobs.

Access to the palaces is under strict control, to help limit the number of people walking through the palace every day. This isn’t solely due to people touching the walls (which is a big no-no), but to limit the impact of body heat, moisture in our breath, and sweat, which changes humidity levels. Most of the carvings are made of wood, covered in plaster, and the humidity changes can deteriorate and damage the original works. So, they limit the number of people, in hopes of preserving the walls/ceilings for as long as they can.

Sarah, Emma and I quickly fell to the back of our entry group, as we stood in awe of each room. Then, you turn the corner and go into the next room, and find that it’s even more beautiful than the last. If you’re going to The Alhambra, this is the jewel of the entire complex- pay the extra money, wait in all the lines, and then take your time in the palaces. There’s always another detail to notice, or another feature to appreciate. Don’t rush it, take it all in for as long as you can.


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