Sierra Nevada and Veleta

017 Sierra Nevada

Today I took the opportunity to get away from the city of Granada for a few hours, and headed up to Sierra Nevada. It’s not ski/snowboard season, and the village is dead (even grocery stores are boarded up and ‘closed until next winter’), but there are some great hiking and biking trails. On a clear day, you can see the Mediterranean, and even parts of Africa. I, however, did not go up on a clear day. Instead, it rained three times (it hasn’t rained in Granada since before I arrived almost three weeks ago), I walked across snow, I had to wear a coat and buff (and was still a bit chilly), the wind almost pushed me off the ledge (more than once)- it was wonderful.

…It was also awful. Hiking up a mountain for more than three hours makes you wonder why you continually do things like this to yourself. But then, at the top, you love the view, the sense of accomplishment, and being in touch with nature once again. So, yeah, I’d do it again.


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